You know me – I love pulling back the curtain, not just after a project or launch is finished, but literally as I’m doing something, testing something. Breaking down the how-to do it is what I do best.

So, today, I’m taking you behind the scenes of my own Instagram challenge, but decided I’d also help you create your plan for doing your own challenge.

I’ve talked about delivering pre-launch content in a different way before. But today, we’re focusing in on the 30 Day Challenge.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The benefits to your business and your next launch of doing a challenge
  • All the different formats you can use to run your challenges
  • Why you can use a free challenge or event as your practice launch
  • Your before, during and after checklist
  • Ways to keep the whole production as low tech as possible
  • How and when to make an offer during a challenge

I go through a LOT in this episode and I think I may have literally sped through it quickly, so I’ve made a quick cheatsheet where I’ve even included a checklist of all the pieces I’ve created for my Instagram challenge. Use it as a starting point for your own online event.

Open up your Google Doc or Notion doc right now, follow along with me, take notes, and add any new ideas you come up with for your own project. In fact, don’t be afraid to add things as you think of them!

Mentioned On The Show

30 Day BizCamp Challenge

Want to join my #30DayBizCamp starting July 1st? This challenge is perfect for you if you’re afraid or already starting to suspect that you’re going to get little to NOTHING done in your business this summer. Plus, this is

Not on my watch! Join my Instagram Photo Challenge and you’ll have only 1 thing to focus on or do most days of the week.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Download your photo challenge image below.
  2. Post the image this week before July 1st and tag a few accountability #girlboss #ceoladies who want to join with you…but most importantly, let me know that you are indeed in!
  3. Make sure to tag @annesamoilov and also use the #30DayBizCamp so we can all play along together!
  4. Each day post a relevant photo that shares something from your day focusing on the day’s prompt!

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