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Today I wanted to rant a bit about a question I think hits the core of why most people get stuck launching… They aren’t clear on what comes first. Is it the product? Is it the people? Or is it the process?

This episode is going to be short – I think.

We’re going to talk about a topic I think we all need to be reminded of… a question really…

What comes first – the product, the people or the process? Or rather, what comes first the what, the who, or the how we’re going to do it?

First – I’ll rant a bit on the answer. Then, I’ll go over what to do no matter which one you’ve “got”.

When people get stuck with how to launch something, what comes next, what do I say, and when do I say it…

There are several possible reasons

It could be that the person doesn’t know how to write sales copy or feels weird selling but it’s most always that they haven’t spent enough time getting to know the person they are selling their thing to.

Once you define WHO your thing is FOR… it doesn’t stop there.

You need to dig into that WHO and really breakdown all the reasons why someone would start searching for that thing, what dream will it help them fulfill or what goal will it help them reach, or what state of mind will it bring them to…and how could it actually save their lives.

But the WHO doesn’t stop there.

You need to know this person so well that you literally ASK yourself – what would “INSERT YOUR PERSON’S NAME” DO? What would they need? What would they feel?

Everything is from that person’s perspective.

Do they need this module? What is the next step they would take? How do I teach them that?

What if you’ve already got the product but no people?

Here’s where to start:

  • Define who that person is who your product is for
  • Why do they need it?
  • Why might they think they don’t need it?
  • What are other solutions they have looked for?
  • What has worked for them in the past?
  • What are their dreams?
  • Do a search for a customer avatar exercise online. Marie Forleo has a great one inside her B-School program.

What to do if you’ve been stuck on the process/strategy?

First of all, this is not your fault. Period.

The online space is all about how-to advice. How to use this platform, that platform, how to check the boxes. How to create the slides. How to use the tools.

That’s great. Thumbs up.

But you need to shift your gears now and spend some time with your audience.

Use these processes to deliver free content to your audience. Find them. Run ads to build your audience.

No process is going to give you clues to the “human condition” inside your audiences hearts and minds.

You’ll need to do that yourself.

Now It’s Your Move

Ask yourself if you’ve been focused on the people, the process or the product?

Make a list today of how you can shift your attention back to the PEOPLE. What can you do to get to know them better? What do they need from you? What can you share TODAY with them – something free, valuable, that opens up a conversation?

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