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If you haven’t suspected it yet, communication is the core of your business…being able to connect with anyone is an art and a skill that will take your business and your launches farther than almost any other skill.

And even more so, because we’re sharing our knowledge, connecting with our audience, launching our products…strong, effective communication is the only strategy you need to have a successful launch.

Clear, consistent, solution focused communication.

Sending the right amount – at the right time – TO the right people.

That’s why I’ve spent the last month covering – the main triggers you need to hit, stories you need to share during your launch, and tools to make the work easier.

This week, we wrap up the series all about how to communicate more effectively by having some real, honest talk about how to connect with new people quickly and easily.

So, I was surfing through You Tube videos and came across this powerful one from Tony Robbins where he talks about this topic of Rapport…

Honestly – I was looking because I’ve been having some difficulty in that area at my daughter’s school. Even though I like to think I can connect with anyone…sometimes it doesn’t happen or it’s simply because I’ve gotten a little rusty.

So off to Youtube I went!

You might think you don’t need to build rapport in order to gain new customers or clients, but rapport is the real thing people look to when they’re making the decision to buy from you. You might have the absolute perfect solution, but if they don’t either see themselves in you or aspire to be like you, they likely won’t buy from you!

Listen to this episode and then watch the video below to ask yourself how effective you’re really being and challenge yourself to find new ways to build rapport with your audience.

For more information about Tony Robbins and all of his amazing training:

Here’s What We Cover In This Week’s Episode:

1) I’ll give you a recap of the entire communication podcast series – so that you can save time and get to connecting with your audience today.

2) A personal story of why connection is so important to me – and what I’m struggling with right now!

3) The reason why you can’t rely solely on your words to communicate to your audience – I found this fascinating.

4) 5 ways to build rapport online that you might already be using but if you’re not, you can get started instantly.

5) 8 ways to build rapport with a new audience…

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