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Have you considered creating an online quiz to kick off your next launch?

Many members of Fearless Launching have been asking me to talk about them! So, today’s show is all about quizzes and how to use them, create them, and incorporate them into a launch.

I have recently seen online quizzes and assessments used as part of some amazing launches, so it was perfect timing when I connected with Josh Haynam co-founder of the the online quiz platform Interact.

I have been taking quizzes as long as I can remember, and they are something that everyone can and should incorporate into their business and their launch or the lead up to their launch.

Josh does not disappoint. He shares how to create your first quiz in less than hour – plus some unique uses of quizzes that go way beyond figuring out your personality type…

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Highlights From The Show

[04:19] The history of quizzes and taking quizzes in pubs in the 1700s.

[04:50] How quizzes are a proven thing with a history of people liking them.

[05:11] Adapting a quiz to whatever subject you are promoting.

[06:15] The psychology of quizzes and how everyone is seeking self-awareness.

[06:50] How quizzes allow us to talk about ourselves and find out information about ourselves.

[09:30] Using quizzes to build interest level and give people what they want.

[11:07] How a quiz can be a tool to understand what message to share with consumers.

[13:14] Personalized marketing as opposed to traditional marketing and taking the time to ask people what they want.

[14:26] Educating as opposed to selling while aligning the interests of the customer.

[18:07] How Josh has created a massive amount of blog posts and guest posts. He has done the work to know how everything comes together.

[20:06] The process for creating quizzes with Interactive using templates.

[24:06] Selecting a template versus creating a very specific quiz from a blank menu.

[26:00] The upside down tree analogy for starting with templates then diving in and customizing.

[27:56] How the templates are similar to WordPress themes when it comes to getting up and running, but they can be customized later.

[30:06] Cool things people are doing such as “What type of therapy dog are you?” or “What type of Red Cross volunteer are you?”

[34:33] The importance of timing and quiz creating before a launch. The Elephant Pants used the quiz to fund their Kickstarter campaign.

[36:39] How quizzes are a very shareable piece of content that can go viral.

[38:19] A listener challenge to create your first quiz.

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Interact on LinkedIn

Interact on Facebook

Interact on Twitter @tryinteract

Josh Haynam on LinkedIn

Josh Haynam on Twitter @JHaynam

Interact Blog

Now It’s Your Turn

Don’t just listen without taking some action. Head over to Interact today, create your first quiz for free…and then share it with us in the comments below!

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