What To Do About Your Paper Digital Overwhelm
The last time our guest was on the show, I received more emails than I expected…

I think people really connected with the idea of clutter and how it affects our daily life.

But more than that – it’s because even with all the tools and planners and notebooks and systems we create for our business, the trouble is – clutter is sneaky and builds up over time.

JoAnn Krall teaches entrepreneurs and regular ‘ole peeps who are doing various things in the world, how to organize their homes, businesses, and life. But today we’re talking about a problem that is near and dear to the hearts of anyone building a business online.

Information overload–in the form of paper or digital clutter.

How many of us can relate to the first days/months of learning how to start a blog, set up your Facebook Page, set up your business…and all those pdf downloads. Check your downloads folder on your computer now – and come clean with me.

How full is it and what’s in there?

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And I’d love it if you’d leave a comment below sharing your top clutter spots and any a-has you experienced as a result of today’s episode.

Have a productive and organized rest of your week!


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