making progress in your business and life
Let’s get real.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re making progress on your business.

You show up week after week – publish the podcast, write the newsletter, host the webinar.

And even when you see more people paying attention, more likes, more people opt-in…it can feel a bit unclear.

Are you going in the right direction?

Are you saying and doing the right things?

Over the years I’ve seen many people beat themselves up for not being where they should be or being behind, I knew it was time to stop and share the story of a woman I’ve watched grow over the past several years.

When we dissected her journey, the things she’s accomplished, we could see plain as day how progress was happening all along – even in the “not big enough” moments that could have escaped her — if she hadn’t been paying attention.

Elizabeth MacLeod is the founder of Wild Woman Enchanted and creator the Wild Woman Mystery Cards

She’s also the host of her Wild Woman Enchanted weekly YouTube show.

She’s also an Erickson Certified Professional Coach, trained Gestalt Psychotherapist, Level ll Reiki Practitioner, a teacher (UBC), a Writer and self taught Artist. She has done extensive study in Shamanism, Mediation, Body Gnosis, Chi Kung and the Healing Path with the Ontogony (self realization) Institute of Mexico.

If there was one thing I’d say about Elizabeth it’s that she’s tuned in. Not just to herself but to the world, finding beauty, and committed to helping others finding not just their purpose, but helping them figure out why they were lost and off track in the first place.

In today’s episode we…

  • Walk through her early days of creating the Wild Woman Mystery Oracle deck
  • How the deck has evolved over time and how many people it has impacted
  • Why the cards were really a thread that CONTINUES to grow and change
  • Where her business is now (from retail storefront to online store and coaching)
  • How one video introducing herself to the Fearless Launching group was a seed that led to her weekly show on Youtube.

Mentioned on today’s show:

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Wild Woman Enchanted Youtube Channel
Fearless Launching
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Elizabeth’s website

Now it’s your turn

Leave a comment below if you have ever felt like you were behind, not making progress or wondered when it will happen for you – and then tell us why it’s no longer true.

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