Why Self Awareness Is Your Hidden Launch Super Power

Would you believe that self-awareness is your biggest (and often hidden) business super power?

How well do you know yourself? I don’t mean your likes, dislikes, dreams or your life story, but really do you know what makes you tick?

How you respond to criticism…
How you do you best work…
WHEN you do your best work…
If you like to be left alone or work with other people…
Why you need someone to ask how you’re doing…
What it means if someone is disloyal…
What it means when someone is LOYAL…
Your reaction to failure…
Your reaction stress…

Today’s guest went on a journey to really figure out what made her tick in her business, how to avoid duplicating past negative workplace practices she’d experienced…and it led her to the Enneagram.

If you love personality tests of any kind, know your Myers Briggs type, your top 5 Strengthsfinder themes, then you’ll love today’s conversation with Kelsey Chapman.

You can never stop getting to know yourself in order to start achieving things you never thought possible (like launching).

Today I’m joined by a very special guest on the podcast. She’s someone I’ve been working with over the past year inside Fearless Launching and my Message Lab programs.

BUT…she’s talking about a topic she doesn’t normally talk about! If you are fascinated with tests like the StrengthsFinder or Myers Briggs…well you are in for a treat today. Kelsey Chapman is joining us to talk about the Enneagram. Grab a snack, a notebook, and get ready to figure out what motivates you in your business.

Kelsey’s here for 2 reasons…

First – I love featuring amazing women who I’ve worked with inside my programs. I love that. I’m here really to celebrate you and everything you’ve accomplished over the past year.

Second – I wanted to jam with her about personality and communication and the way we run our business. I know you are really passionate about the topic of enneagram…and I’m all about connecting things to what I teach… I just think it’s such an important topic.

Self-awareness is this little magical ingredient we can add to everything we do in business…

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • Her business journey helping entrepreneurs build their platform using Instagram
  • How she approaches working with her private clients AND why she created her Instabreakout course
  • Why she applied to be part of my beta for The Message Lab and what she’s learned as a result
  • How I discovered she offered so much more than Instagram profile growth.
  • What is the Enneagram and what you can learn + apply to your business
  • Why she went down the rabbit hole of Enneagram
  • How to figure out your type
  • How Kelsey applies what she knows and understands about her own type to the way she works with her team and also when finding new people to work with

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Now It's Your Turn

Time to dig in and find out what you can about yourself… If you're looking for a way to supercharge your launches, start making more sales, getting more done, self-awareness is the best, hidden “skill” to start building.

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