How To Create A Subscription Box Business
If you’ve ever thought of creating a subscription box business, you are not alone!

Whether you’re an online business owner, a course creator, a physical business owner – offering a subscription box is a great way to add a high touch offering, plus not only do consumers love them, but business owners love the stability of the recurring revenue.

Today’s guest has built her own stationery and card subscription-based business from scratch.

She runs it mostly on her own. She curates the contents of each box, assembles all the boxes, ships everything too! Has two different types of boxes people can order and creates a beautiful experience no matter which one you choose!

So, if you’re interested in starting a new business, looking for a way to add a new type of offering to whatever you’re already doing, listen to my conversation with Danielle Nelson of Pretty By Post.

I met Danielle a few years ago when she joined the Fearless Launching community. Since then she has gone on to several other programs I offer – which means I’ve been able to get ot know her well and also to watch her business grow!

Danielle shares her story starting Pretty By Post – from the very beginning. She shares her own process for building a subscription box business – including:

Here’s a peek at her subscription box AND her card box:

stationery box

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