I’ve got something really personal to share…that I’m not proud of…but it does have a happy ending.

Have you ever done something that COMPLETELY changed your entire approach to your life, your business and maybe even your mental state?

I did.

…I STOPPED trying to be like everyone else.

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There are some online gurus and people I really respect actually – who are preaching two different angles on how to become successful & profitable:

First they tell you to do things like:

… work on your mindset

… practice gratitude

… don’t push as hard

… take more time

All of that is great. Sure, sign me up.

And I’d love to sign on completely to that way of thinking, but…here’s where things start to go OFF THE RAILS for me.

They offer you their…done for you systems, swipe files, their exact step by step plan, the insider tool list to make it happen…

And again, I’m not saying that someone’s system isn’t for you. Heck, I’m all for trying on different systems…and they are a great way to get started and discover new things about your business.

But none of these things teach you how to think for yourself, decide what your business needs or even how to take action.

So, imagine what happens when you do blindly adopt someone’s done-for-you-can’t-fail-solution….and you actually don’t succeed?

What happens can be quite sad because it leads to quitting, depression, and burnout…

I used to believe that I’d fail if I didn’t follow a blueprint someone else put in front of me to succeed or that I needed a big team or to have everything PERFECT…

And when I discovered none of that was true, everything shifted.

Not only that, I had less migraines, felt less stress and I started to ENJOY launching the way I wanted to!

I decided to make a change and discovered how to run a sustainable business that gets me in front of the people who are excited to learn from me, enroll in whatever I offer…and help me build a community not just a list of clients.

And the core of everything I do and who I am comes down to my framework for launching products and programs online – whether it’s a course, a new membership or a group coaching program (or live event) or physical product.

I’ve packaged everything I know about creating a profitable, stress free and possibly LIFE-CHANGING online launch (even if you’re doing it solo) in my signature program, Fearless Launching.

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So, bring your enthusiasm, cup of coffee (or tea), a notebook, your favorite pen and make sure…

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