6 to 7 figures with emily hirsh

It sounds like the dream scenario.

You build a small service based business, get so busy that your business is bursting at the seams…within a year you’re at the six figure mark…and then within three years a simple shift in what you offer to your clients lands you with a seven figure business…

Sounds amazing, right?

Today’s guest talks about her journey from starting an online business to now being a sought after Facebook Ads agency (but really, she does so much more).

You’re going to love getting to know Emily Hirsh. Not only is her story full of lessons to consider as you grow your business, but she also drops some knowledge about running effective Facebook Ads campaigns.

Are you ready?

In this episode we discuss:

  • Emily’s shift from virtual assistant to focusing just on Facebook ads and the challenges behind it as well as the realization that in order to grow, she’d need a team.
  • The processes she created to train, grow and double her business quickly
  • What your focus should be if you’re looking to get to six figures FASTER
  • Various phases of entrepreneurshipwhere hustling is necessary (I love this!)
  • Positions to hire as your business grows and thoughts on the value of masterminds
  • Why when something goes wrong it’s important to look at the processes in place, not the individual team member
  • And yes, we had to make sure to share some Facebook Tips – like the biggest thing you need to understand before you start with Facebook Ads

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