How to go from planning to doing

Have you ever planned out a launch, a promotion, or other project in your business and then looked back and asked, “What was I thinking?” or “I’m shocked I even finished!”

If you have love-hate relationship with planning, scheduling or anything related to time management, keep reading.

Because we all know – planning DOES NOT mean you’re going to finish.

Today’s 200th episode is one that dives in deep to how you can get better at not just planning (your launches, your life, your business), but how to get better at following through, making it happen, DOING, and completing the plan.

Because this is a topic we can all relate to, this is a must-listen, must share episode.

So let me ask you…

  • Are you a planner?
  • Do you plan things out, check off the boxes, and never miss a step?
  • Do you like to map out broad strokes without a ton of detail?
  • Do you find yourself taking action on something every single day?
  • Are there days/weeks/months in between your action (especially as it relates to what you want to launch)?
  • Do you often postpone your launches?
  • Have you never launched because you weren’t sure what to do first?

So, you don’t actually have to tell me the answers to these questions (unless you want to), do it for yourself.

Let’s dive into my favorite topic ever.

Today’s fairly short episode will highlight:

And I’ll use a very fresh example of my own daughter learning to plan out a project — because if she can start to do this YOU CAN TOO… it’ll probably come with a little/lot resistance and whining, but bit by bit you’ll get there.

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See you inside the group and NEXT week with another episode.

“from planning to doing