benefits of setting monthly themes in your business

If you struggle staying focused or knowing what your priorities should be (as it relates to growing your business) – today I’m going to share why I set monthly themes AND why you should do the same.

Setting themes whether they are weekly, daily or even a monthly theme is great ways to regain that focus, feel less overwhelm, and wake up each day knowing exactly what to work on…

And since It’s June as of the release of this episode – I’ve set a special theme to get myself back on track in a few areas of my life and business. PLUS – I’ll be taking you along with me with episodes that align with my personal theme.

Even if it’s not June when you’re seeing this post or listening to this episode, if you need the direction, take it, set your theme right now.

Also, make sure you head over to the Fearless Launching Lounge to share with the community what you’re up to, what theme you choose…so you can get a little accountability to supercharge your theme.

Let’s dive in.

In this week’s episode, we’ll cover:

  1. The undeniable benefits to setting a monthly theme in your business and personal life
  2. Why you might want to consider setting daily themes too
  3. Why monthly themes are more helpful to me especially I’m planning launches
  4. Example themes you might want to choose from so that you’re actually helping your business
  5. The specific topics we’ll go deep on this month in the podcast
  6. Specific things I’m paying attention to this month and working to improve in my business

Yes – some of these topics might seem a little different for me – and I really hope you’ll embrace this month of awareness, growth…whatever you want to call it and give yourself June to get back to “it”…to you…to your business, to the core person you are inside – no apologies.

I’d love it if you’d join me inside the Fearless Launching Lounge where I’ll be going live on Facebook every week to answer your questions and have conversations with anyone who wants to join me.

Head over there now, request access, and then let me know if you setting a theme for yourself this month or simply joining me on the ride.

Why You Should Set Monthly Themes For Your Business