Write sales page copy that connects and converts

What’s the most challenging part of putting a launch together? For me, it’s writing sales copy for pretty much anything–my sales page, my sales emails, anything where a sales message is created!

I love getting to know my audience, talking to each person one on one, really digging into what’s challenging each person. I LOVE connecting with people.

And yet – when I sit down to write the sales page for my online courses, I often freeze simply because my initial block is that it’s me somehow being “different”.

The blank page stares back at me literally challenging me to sound like a weirdo and show my true colors to the world.

Now, even though I have years of knowing my message and going through the process of writing a sales page, this is the one thing that comes up every time I’m about to launch.

So – I’m bringing in the expert, because many of you have also reached out to me asking how a non-copywriter can create powerful sales messages.

Today’s guest is Christine Blubaugh – a sales copywriter who works with creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators.

On today’s show, we dive into the process of actually sitting down and writing your sales page that connects with your ideal customer and converts them into customers.

We also discuss:

  • How we first met (and why I’m clearly so introverted that I didn’t remember the meeting)
  • How to practice writing your sales messages (hint: it’s something you can be doing every day on social media)
  • What you should do, gather and know before you start writing
  • Why starting with your sales page is the best way to have a successful launch
  • Christine’s exact step by step process for writing sales pages

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Got more questions about writing your sales page or any part of your sales message? Ask them in the comments below and also make sure to give Christine some love in the comments below!

How To Write Sales Page Copy That Connects & Converts