How do you deal with feedback?

how do you deal with launch feedback

Have you ever received feedback about your business or launch and weren’t sure exactly what to do with it?

Maybe you felt overwhelmed, or confused, or hurt…or ANGRY!

I think we’d all agree that feedback is important. But it can also be tough to deal with, tough to know the good from the bad…

Today we’re going to share my strategies for handling it all…including the process I force myself to follow every single time I get a download of information from anyone or anywhere.

Because, even if we know that feedback is important for our business, helps us grow and gives us new perspective on what we’re doing…it can often lead us to not taking any action.

No action equals no growth.

So, if you’ve got a launch coming up or are at a crossroads in your business or will likely be asking for advice from someone about either, this episode is for you.

In this episode we cover:

And we also talk about what to know before you ask for launch advice or feedback…

Final Thoughts on Feedback

There are many ways to improve launches but I always caution members of Fearless Launching to look at the facts first. Just because someone you respect launches a specific way, does not mean it will get you the same results.

We have a few simple metrics you can look at to start figuring out how to make your launches better inside Fearless Launching. And it’s a good idea to talk through your launch with someone else, but stick to the facts.

Feedback can also feel amazing when you are surrounded by a group of amazing supporters and champions. You ask, receive, give…and it feels like there’s value from/to everyone.

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One More Thing

If you’ve ever struggled with this getting feedback you trusted, from people that truly have your back, I want to invite you to grab one of the 20 remaining spots inside my exclusive membership/mastermind group – The Fearless Launching Lab.

This is only for people who have some knowledge of launching, have been building their business for some time now and are excited to be part of a community built on trust, advice, accountability, intentional strategy. Send us an email at [email protected] for more details as this will not be a public offering!

If you still need help figuring out the pieces to a launch and know you want to launch something in your business this year — a physical product, a digital product, a course, an event, a new coaching/consulting service…start with Fearless Launching!

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