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If you’ve ever sat down to start planning your course launch, you’ve likely felt the overwhelm monster tip-toeing up behind you. But I’ve got something to help you create your online course launch plan. Keep reading!

We’ve all been there in those first moments when we’re really just in the brainstorming phase and we realize, oh no…this is going to take a lot of work.

How am I supposed to get all this done?

I’ve got kids, a family, maybe a job, loads of life responsibilities…I don’t even know what to do first.

I’ve sure been there myself.  I lived and worked full time while building my business on the side–for years. Struggling to figure out the process, get clear on my vision, and then have the nerve to actually hit publish. During that time, my health declined, my family was not happy with me, and honestly–I often wondered why I was even going down this road.

Even after several really obvious wake-up calls, I still tried to just keep on keeping on. I did that until I realized I was fighting the wrong fight and began to turn things around.

Origin Story…

Once I realized that I was running someone else’s successful business with a different set of rules to my own…I immediately stopped and started a new way of working and growing my own business.

I discovered that if I did the same thing in my business as I was doing for anyone else’s business that I was also setting myself up for success. So I learned how to apply the strategies, the tools, the workflow I was using every day… and soon my own business started to grow.

Same happened with launching. As soon as I discarded my not so successful launch rules and replaced them with the strategies of my clients and businesses I helped…everything shifted.

How Does This Help You And Your Next Launch?

I know you’re working hard to figure out how to launch your big and perhaps secret ideas to the world. It’s overwhelming when you can’t seem to figure out the first step or the whole idea of a launch seems ridiculously big.

For those of you who attempted to launch in the past and didn’t get the results you were hoping for, well, I get it…doing it again seems insane–especially when launches can be so much work, tiring and stressful. Not to mention making time to launch if you have other responsibilities like kids, pets, husbands, maybe even a day job.

It can really suck.

Create Your Course Launch Plan Today 

But don’t worry – because I’ve got a solution for you. A workbook to help you create your course launch plan.

I think–no, scratch that, I KNOW you’re going to love it because it’s going to help you figure out everything you need to figure out to make your next launch a huge success.

There’s no need to wonder what to do first or even if if you should launch again. (We’ve all been there).

I just finished a brand new workbook to help you take your first ten steps to launch your next product, service, or big idea.

Even if you’ve been through the launch toolkit before, received the intro course, seen “everything” you think you need to see, check out the launch planner and workbook now.

In addition to getting my best, updated resources, you’ll be able to create your entire launch plan with this toolkit. Imagine spending just a few short days and coming out of it with a complete plan.

The plan is often the hardest part of the launch process…until you know what you’re going to do — all the scheduling and partners and team and marketing savvy mean nothing!

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My hope is to give you what you need so that you can launch your courses, products, services and any new ideas you want to share with others…

You’ll know what to do next and you’ll have a process you’ve actually created yourself!

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