give and receive feedback

Feedback. We all know it’s important to get feedback from our clients, customers, and even from people who are not customers yet.

We’re told to get to know our ideal customer, get to know what they are struggling with, what they need…

And then when they buy things from us, we are called to find out what results they achieved, so we can share their stories with others and begin the cycle of selling and serving.

Today, we’re diving into the topic of feedback and different ways to get it from people in a respectful way…and at the right times!

In this Q & A style episode we talk about:

  • Why feedback is an essential part of business – especially for online solopreneurs.
  • Remembering there are people on the other end (aka your audience) and knowing not everyone wants to communicate.
  • Why all feedback is good feedback.
  • Feedback is essential and a two-way street helping us serve + create better.
  • How to get feedback and the importance of boundaries.
  • And more!

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give and receive audience feedback