Do you ever feel like you’re piecing your business and marketing?

Here’s what I mean – do you find yourself constantly sidetracked by other people’s businesses and strategies?

Do you find yourself trying to insert them into your business, your promotions, and all the things you’re doing online to grow your business?

Today we’re going to talk about the different reasons you might be suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome, how to avoid or EMBRACE the distractions and stop allowing them to hijack our businesses and our launches!

Now, on a good day, we can stay clear, head in the game, focused on our own work – focused on moving one strategy ahead at a time to reach our vision.

But on others we may be pulled to look at this and that and the other thing our favorite business owners are doing. Our friends send us a link, an instagram profile, the latest app to try, etc.

Now this scatterbrained – shiny object syndrome situation isn’t something new – you’ve likely heard about it over and over again and experienced it yourself.

Recently a long-time client and friend asked me if they should enroll in a program that was launching. Funny thing – I WAS ALSO trying to decide of the program was for ME!

So I took the opportunity to use my own process of deciding was it a distraction or not (and helping my client) and face the Shiny Object directly.

In this episode we talk about:

  • 3 ways shiny object syndrome can crop up in your average day as an online entrepreneur
  • Some easy solutions and steps you can take to decide if they are truly distractions so that you can regain focus
  • Key questions you can ask yourself to decide what action you do or DON’T take
  • Why I really brought this topic up today (even though plenty of people have already talked and written about it elsewhere)

If you know you need to regain your focus and find a strategy to deal with distractions, I highly recommend creating a full map of your next launch. When you create a complete fleshed out plan for your promotions, for the different activities you’ll do during your launches, you’ll set yourself up to not be available for those distractions.

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*(But make sure you listen to this episode for a podcast listener bonus only!)

Have you ever faced Shiny Object Syndrome as you prepared for a launch or were in the midst of your launch? How did you stay focused? Did you try to avoid the distraction? Was it something that turned out to be helpful and not a distraction at all?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

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