Make Your Business Stronger in Tough Times

The past few weeks have called me to be calm in the face of things I cannot control.

Grace under pressure and uncertainty. Fearless under fire.

Now that we’re on the other side (mostly) of the solution, I am seeing all the lessons learned from such a common thing that can happen when you run an online business.

Websites go down. Servers get compromised. Information gets lost. But it’s not the end of the world. How we react is key…and I gotta pat myself on the back for being stressed but not losing my shizzle and sizzle.

Instead of going back to “business as usual” as if NOTHING happened, I decided to bottle up the lessons into a 4 Step Process…

Use this process to face ANY difficult or complex challenge you’re facing in your business (or life)!

Here are the 4 steps to get you through tough times in your business:

  1. Brainstorm. Focus on just actions that will help you figure out the problem and potential solutions.
  2. Decide. Make your decision on next steps.
  3. Action. Take action to put those solutions into motion.
  4. What’s next? How will you move forward. This looks a bit different for everyone.

Listen to the entire episode to hear how I took myself through this process!

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