What Does It Really Cost To Launch?

How much does it cost to launch? How much money do we REALLY need to get our online products, courses, and coaching programs into the hands of our ideal customers?

This is a question I received recently on a webinar…and just knew I wanted to share my answer with you here too!

If you’re getting ready to figure out how to launch your first product, course or coaching program, you might be wondering this…

If you’re developing a physical product you plan to launch online, please know there’s likely an additional process with its own set of costs associated with create a product.

Today – we’re going to focus on what you’re promoting, marketing, and launching online.

And if you’ve ever watched a launch in action or seen other people talk about launches, you know there can be lots of tools associated with a “successful” launching. Everything from…

  • Check out page software
  • Sales page creators
  • Landing pages plugins
  • All in one course creation, everything all in creators
  • Emails marketing providers
  • Webinar platforms
  • Social media scheduling software

Plus, what about ads, copywriters, project managers, graphic designers, web designers, funnel experts, etc. etc. etc.

The list of tools/people/paid strategies seems never ending.

So, today, let’s talk about it. What’s necessary and what is NOT necessary?

In today’s episode we talk about:

Final Thoughts on Launch Costs

There are always going to be tons of ways to improve your launch. My approach is the same no matter if it’s my first launch or 5th. Keep it simple. Layer things as you continue to launch.

Also, there’s always a free or low-priced swap for every type of tool…making sure that what you choose is useful during/after your launch is so important to your longevity as a business. Sure you can test things, but choose people, tools, systems that you’ll continue to use long after your doors close!

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One More Thing

Join us in my new Facebook group – The Launch Lounge with Anne Samoilov and tell me what tools you’re using or considering using. If you’re unsure if something is “worth the cost”, let me know!