choosing the right launch strategy

Launching your course or coaching program soon?

How do you choose the right launch strategy? How do you know what will get your offer in front of the right people?

You might be asking yourself one of these questions at some point as you start to plan out your next or first product launch.

So really – is there a best launch strategy? A best type of pre-launch content?

If you’re spending months stressing over our what your pre-launch content should be, today’s episode is for you.

So today we’re going to dive into the topic and help you figure out – how to choose the best one for your launch!


During this episode, I’ll walk you through my process of figuring out how to choose your launch strategy… and we’ll cover:

And you’ll definitely hear me meander in very raw-conversational style about choosing the best strategy for you – and where to get clues about converting more people to buyers.

Thanks again for listening and I look forward to connecting again NEXT THURSDAY!!

how to choose the right launch strategy