Pamela-Wilson-podcast27What is a personal brand? And what makes a brand a brand?

Is it the pretty colors? The fancy font? The pictures? The words?

Our guest today shares some tips on creating and evolving your brand that don’t require you to change the look of things (well, maybe not just yet)…and she believes that a company’s branding happens in the brain first as an experience not just by the oohs and aahs we might utter when we see a new font.



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Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Pamela got her start (and it wasn’t online)
  • Some reassuring tips from Pamela’s first launch
  • Her simple approach to finding the right blogs to guest post and 2 big sites where she nabbed recurring writing roles
  • The only type of launch Pamela likes to do…and she does it every single time she launches
  • Pace Smith’s Tier System for launching
  • How to figure out your brand message and why it’s so important for your next launch
  • The one thing that you gotta know before you pick colors, fonts or any other type of visual styles on your website.

Connect with Pamela Wilson:

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Mentioned on the show:

Pace Smith
Kelly Kingman
Ebook Evolution (aff)
Constant Contact
Open office

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