Ever noticed how other people are running their businesses and wonder – how you can take a note from them and make decisions to change your business too?

Now I don’t mean you look at them and wonder – how I can BE like them. Or – why am I not as good as them? Or why can’t MYYY business be THAT successful?

No, not envy.

I mean – really looking at the things they do every single day, every week, over and over again…and thinking hmmm maybe if I did those things I could improve my business too?

Over the last few weeks I’ve shared some business owners who taught me something about the way I want to run my own life (and business).

We looked at Amy Porterfield who shows by example how to be practical, take action, and keep things very simple and straightforward.

We featured Corbett Barr who believes in being useful and running a business with integrity at all times.

Then – last week we listened to Erika Lyremark who showed me the power of confidence and self-acceptance.

But this week – we’ve got one more interview to point you to and that person has a little of all the first three in her. She’s been on the show before, but this interview was recorded back when she was taking the leap into the unknown and changing her business.

She’s the person who I watched make decisions about her business and then take action once the decision was made.

While others (meaning me) seem to struggle and doubt every single decision and potential change in their business … she leads by making decisions easy.

She leads by example always saying you can have the business you want – you get to choose. It’s your business, right?

I’m talking about Laura Roeder.

Check this final #TBT interview out where Laura talks about changing her business model when she first created a program back in July 2012.

Click below to listen in – especially if you’ve ever had trouble making business decisions…

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Listen to Laura and how she made her decision to change her own business.

In fact, check the show notes below and check out our interview from July 2014 where she talks about yet another venture she’s jumped into and succeeded. 

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Show Notes

Meet Edgar (Laura’s latest big business addition)

Laura’s first appearance on the podcast – talking about Edgar!

What You Should Do Right Now

You’ve got 2 things you can do right now – both require you take action.

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