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When you think of launching…what are some of the biggest roles you imagine playing?

If you’ve launched already then you know that there are a variety of tasks, moving technical pieces, and jobs that need to get done to make that launch happen.

So that equates to you playing a lot of leading launch roles! Am I right?

Landing pages, sales page, video script, webinar slides, writing your email, scheduling social media, coming up with the overall strategy and plan…

We’re being called on a daily basis to be copywriters, graphic designers, business strategists, paid traffic experts, CEOs, bookkeepers, and so much more in our business!

It’s no wonder why it often takes a whole lot of patience, time, and humility to get our products, services, and big ideas launched to the world.

So today, I’m going to talk about 4 of those roles you’ll playing during your launch, whether you’re working alone or with a team.

These are roles that you will need to assume if you are working alone–and most of us do start completely solo.

If you’re curious about the 4 people you need to become during a launch, this week’s episode is for you!

So, let’s dive in a little bit deeper…so you can listen, learn, and prepare to play these roles and then hopefully delegate them to team members in the future!

Here’s what you’ll discover in today’s episode:

4 People You Need To Become & Key Launch Roles You Need To Play

Here are the 4 key launch roles we’re talking about in today’s episode.

1. The Copywriter

Every single type of launch requires concise messaging and communication. Your inner copywriter will play the most important role in your launch by establishing your message and helping you communicate it throughout the launch. Once you’ve created a coherent content strategy, your role will include the following:

  • Write all your scripts, emails, social media, landing pages, webinar outlines
  • Always looking for the opportunity to connect with your audience using visual, written, and spoken language
  • Complete understanding of what needs to be communicated throughout the launch

Launches require top notch communication and expression. Even when you have someone to review your pages and copy, you are the one who has to be able to deliver and connect using your message.

2. Web Developer or Tech Person

If you’re launching anything online, you’ll need to navigate all the tools, platforms, and technology associated with building a business using the interwebs. Now, it doesn’t mean you need to be a super-expert or a power-user, but you need to understand what you’re using, know how to keep it simple, and be patient with your own learning curve. And with that you should be able to:

  • Look for solutions to technology issues without freaking out.
  • Know how your tools are connected, so you can easily find the source of problems.
  • Understand the tools and systems you use and HOW you use them.

If you have an online business, this is a role you will need to play and understand until you have the resources until you can hire someone to take over!

3. Customer Support

It’s easy to see customer support as something that can wait to the last minute to hire or pay attention to, but let me tell you what magic can happen inside the support inbox of many companies:

  • Answering the final question of someone who buys your product.
  • Providing emotional support to someone who’s frustrated, but the care given to them could encourage them to NOT ask for a refund.
  • Supporting and solidifying your brand and business as one that cares (especially in a marketplace of people who don’t “see” their customers.

Making people feel completely seen in Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, and Livestreams simply by paying attention to them when they reach out! That’s a person on the other end of the message.

The power of amazing customer support cannot be overstated. You will have happier subscribers, customers, and a happier launch if you love on your people at every level of the process.

4. Life Coach

And finally, the role you might not think about but trust me, you need one as you go through your launch. Wanna know why I know this is true? Because this is what people going through launches always need me for!

Now, I was definitely surprised the first time I had to talk someone off the “this isn’t working” ledge (and have needed it a few times myself)…

Here’s what that looks like:

  • Establishing rituals to keep you performing at a high level every single day, like a morning routine, weekly planning sessions, check-in with yourself on Fridays.
  • Following a framework to help you stop self-limiting behaviors and self-talk (both come up strong during launches).
  • Knowing when it’s time to get an outside perspective and conversely, when it’s time to stop listening to everyone.

We all have an inner compass, an inner life coach, the person who knows our ins and outs. Train yourself to be aware of potential things that could trigger you during a launch. This will ensure you stay calm, reduce anxiety, and know how to get back to center anytime you need it!

Now It’s Your Turn

Okay, so that was a lot. Open a Google Doc or your journal. Take a moment to reflect on these roles and which you may need to get better at doing.

Sometimes simply being aware of your abilities and also areas where you lack of expertise, feel uncomfortable or a little overwhelmed will help you come up with ideas!

Leave a comment below or over in our Facebook Group about these roles and which you need help developing!

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I so can’t wait to hear what you think about these launch roles…and help you get ready to play them during your next launch!