Many people think there’s a magic method for producing an amazing launch.

Like the second you finish your masterpiece product – the clouds part and a path to your perfect launch path opens up in front of you.

But it doesn’t.

You watch other launches in your industry, online, offline, and you see the external bits of what it takes to release something new to the world.  So you start by planning those external steps.

But as you go along – you finish one thing only to have another unexpected step pop up.  Because launching is much more than those external pieces that you and the rest of the world sees.

So – you spiral down – overwhelm overtakes you – but you still keep pushing… knowing that somethings missing.

I applaud you for keeping forward motion because there is value to that when so many people give up right before they succeed.  HOWEVER, halt – stop right there.

I’ve got news for you – launching is actually easier than you’re making it for yourself.

There are only a few key key key items that you need to make sure are done, created, happening, and working before you launch anything in your business and on your website.

Want to know what those key things are?

I thought you did.

  1. Simple sales process so people can pay money and click buy.
  2. Communication to ensure you’re talking to all the right people.
  3. Schedule to give you a guideline so it doesn’t drag on.
  4. Warm Bodies to support + get things done.

That’s it.

But how do you get there?

You get there by starting your to-do list by answer the following questions each and every time you launch or promote anything.

Another side effect: answer these questions – and you’ll be diving deeper and more prepared than many people are when they first launch.

Decide The What

Answer these questions before you do anything else. If you have no what, you have no launch…well, you have no business really… so answer these first!!!

What’s your offer?

Do you have a specific group of people to offer that thing to?

(crucial – know this and it will help you figure out what your offer is)

Do you have some sort of proof that these people do in fact want your thing?

(don’t proceed to the when until you have some proof)

Have you spoken to said people to pre-sell your offer and find at least a few people who can try out your thing and then tell others about it?

Pick The When

Determining your schedule – when you want to do something – gives you the outline – the structure for pulling off the project.  Even a rough estimate of the when is better than just working toward a rough timeframe that you never get to…

When do you want to launch? When do you want people to be able to buy your thing?

How much time do you have between now and then to prepare for that date?

When can you start working on your launch full time?

Are you able to set up a simple sales process immediately and test it?

Do you have a 1-month minimum to line up guest posts, interviews or any other forms of the press?

Do you have 1-2 months to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge of your industry on social media?

Define The How 

Once you have your what and when – defining how may seem like the biggest challenge, but doesn’t have to be if you keep one thing in mind.  There’s always someone to show you how to do whatever you can’t figure out yourself. And there’s always someone else to actually do it too!

Do you have a dependable person to help you check off your to-do list and alert you to problems as they come or tell you when a goal is almost reached?

Do you have any friends or people in your network who you can call upon to work on the pieces where you don’t know how to start?

Do you have someone – maybe it’s you – who’s ready to answer questions, help with all customer service that comes along with any launch?

Do you know how you’ll deliver your what – using a membership site? And who will put that together?

For each thing you’ve defined as your what – ask how will I do that? How will I reach that person?  How will I set up that PayPal button? How will I … fill in the blank.

Think about how you’ll do what you want to do.

If you find something that isn’t covered – by you or someone else – you need to reach out for help!

Simplified Always Works

So – yes – I simplified everything down to a few systems that need to be in place before you or as you prepare to launch. But they are the ones that will break everything down if they aren’t in place.

Love to know your biggest questions about launching…in fact, what’s your biggest challenge when it comes to getting a project like a launch DONE.

If you’re ready to fill in the rest of the blanks of launching – check out my program Fearless Launching – which shows you exactly how to launch your coaching program or online course.