If you’re able to turn an idea into something that gives tangible results to others, then you know you need to launch it.

First the good news is — the steps to getting your work out to the world and the right people is completely within your control and customizable for your business.

You don’t have to wait until you get 1,000 or 2,000 or more subscribers to prove you’ve made it.

There’s a process you can follow to launch your products, services, or new blog right now…and build to that level while you launch!

This process is called “Fearless Launching” and it only takes 6 ingredients – 6 steps that you can apply today without a team, a big list, spending a ton of money or having all the answers!

Wanna know the secret recipe?

Read on to discover the 6 completely UNAVOIDABLE Steps to Fearlessly Launching Your First Product

Step 1: Wipe the slate clean. – i.e. stop believing myths

If you’ve never launched before, you might hold beliefs about where you should be in your business, what type of product or service you should offer, what works and what doesn’t.  Fearless Launching means wiping that slate clean – and you stop believing all the stories.

Your business is unique.  You can launch whenever you want.

Step 2: Define Really Specific Outcomes

Time to write down and brain dump everything you’re hoping to achieve as a result of launching. This list will vary depending on what you decide to launch.

List building? Revenue? Both? What type of product are you creating? How will it be delivered? Is it done already or do you just have a sales page? Step 2 is all about defining where you are right now and what you want to achieve.

Having a clear vision of how your launch, outcomes will ensure that you stick to the bigger vision and goals of your business.

Step 3: Write Down Your Master Plan

Here’s where you get to set a date for the launch and work backwards. It doesn’t matter what format you use to organize your schedule – if you like excel, use excel, if you like basecamp great – use it. The trick is to put it all into a calendar and do you best to stick to it!

Just in case you were wondering…there’s no avoiding this step. The idea of planning the details of your launch can be so intimidating that it shuts many people down.

But – believe me when I say that breaking all those little pieces down into manageable steps makes it so much easier to orchestrate a launch.

Plus – having that plan reminds you to get you to do list done – all while keeping an eye on your bigger vision for your business.

Step 4: Get the back of the house running

There’s no avoiding this one. If you launch ONLINE that means you need to be set up ONLINE to accept payments, for people to see and read what you are offering.  They might need to be able to access your training materials ONLINE. You need to let them know they have completed their online purchase.

This boils down to your tool set.

The main thing here is to set things up so you can handle everything if you need to (at least when you’re first starting out). So – while there are tons of tools and ways to set up your product, your service, your offers, you must be able to sit at the control board and operate it IF NEEDED.

Step 5: Gather support

Never do a launch alone. Now – that doesn’t mean you have to have a 5 person full time PAID team, but you do need people to help you. Support comes in the form of different types of people who give different types of support. Who’s going to keep you on target and on schedule? Who’s going to be your cheerleader and pep-talker? Who’s going to help you get the word out to other people? Who’s going to make sure your buy buttons all work? Who’s going to write all the emails?

You might be the one handling some of these, but don’t do them all alone.  Launching is exhausting and having support makes all the difference…

And…even your cat counts, if that’s the only one who’ll listen to your primal screams!

Step 6: Communicate your arse off

Communication is the name of the game during a launch. You’ve got to be on it – all the time.  Talking talking talking – offline, online, social media, blog comments, emails.  Do your best to answer questions, look for ways of helping new people, and be available!

Communication also includes you writing emails to subscribers, creating content specific to your launch, writing blog posts that show people what you know, leveraging content that you’ve written for other people!

Everything is about communicating your message to people who already love you and new peeps who will love you!

Your launch is a cocktail party – and YOU ARE THE HOST! Mingle a lot. Refresh people’s drinks and always be connecting.


Okay – there – that’s it! I know it’s a tall order. But you don’t have to go it alone and figure out the detailed how tos in each step.

I cover each one in detail in Fearless Launching – an online program which takes a different approach to teaching launching.  It’s part planning – project completion, part sticking to a vision bigger than yourself and creating something amazing.