Expert Interviews

Going From Side-Hustle To CEO with Dr. Cortney Baker

Are you interested in taking your side-hustle full-time?  Back when I first dove into the online business world, I wasn’t sure to be totally honest. I secured a job with Laura Roeder…because she had a business I could honestly see myself running I learned everything I could and finally took the leap…after two years of trying to manage own course […]


How To Start & Grow A YouTube Channel With Minnow Pond Tarot

Ever thought about starting a YouTube channel? If so, listen up today. YouTube channels are great ways to build communities, build your audience, sell more of your products, reach more of your ideal customers, and share your expertise on an ever-expanding, highly shareable platform.  Today’s guest has a tarot, astrology, and lifestyle channel called Minnow Pond. I discovered Chris Reck […]


Why Building Community Is So Important As We Move Into 2020

Build your community. Create a tribe. Engage with your followers. Now more than ever, we are all searching for more connection.  That’s why being part of a community, gathering around shared values, and truly connecting in real life has more impact than simply focusing on list building or conversion rates. And as we near the end of 2019…there’s one thing […]