How important is it to create an ideal customer or audience profile before you launch a blog or a new product?

And how do you build a business with integrity – one that is useful, honest, and no nonsense?

Today’s guest on the podcast has got some answers to that question.

In part two of the business influencer series… I’m talking to an entrepreneur I’ve been watching for several years now.

He’s built a successful business that has changed A LOT in the past 2 years after co-creating the community and business resource

I’m talking about Corbett Barr over here.

Why? His early influence on narrowing my blog focus and straight up honesty help me shift the way I was blogging…

That narrowing and focus enabled me to really get to the core of my message and reach the exact right people who would benefit from my message.

Hint hint: THIS is what you need to do before you launch anything…so take a cue from Corbett.

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In today’s #TBT episode, we cover these topics and more:

  1. What lessons he learned from his first launch
  2. How he continues to push his work into the world – and is very successful with each launch!
  3. What advice he has for people ready to launch their first “thing.”
  4. Why he thinks its important to remember that blogging is not a business.

I know you’ll find our conversation insanely useful – because that’s what Corbett is all about.  Heck, I was even taking notes.

Don’t forget – when you finish listening to the interview, leave a comment below leaving your most important to-do or takeaway.

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