What’s on your to-do list after your launch?

Do you have plans to go off the grid, lay flat on your couch for a week straight eating popcorn, watching TV…and just SLEEP?

Well, yes, I do too, but I always make a plan for that week following the launch…so I don’t lose momentum or get lazy.

5 things to do in the 7 days after your launch… the sooner you do these the better!

1. Thank Everyone

If you did the launch COMPLETELY alone, then well, you may have no one to thank…or so you think.  But even the solo launcher has their subscribers, followers, readers, and people who joined the tribe during your launch. So thank everyone who came into contact with the launch. 

    • Thank your subscribers, your followers, your tribe.
    • Thank your partners – gifts are nice and people remember you went the extra step for them.
    • Thank your team – hopefully, they kept you sane and productive…so THANK THEM!

Give as much as you can to the people who said yes during your launch – give them extra love and thanks.

As a special thank you to YOU this week, I created this blog post and have a little something you’ll receive in your inbox on Friday.  I appreciate you for reading, being here, sticking with me through the communication whether you “needed” what I was selling or not! 

2. Review and gather stats

Gathering intel and assets isn’t just what you should do at the beginning of a launch. In fact, it makes the next launch so much easier if you can gather all the data as soon as possible after your launch.  So – look at your blog traffic, which emails did the best, how many people joined the list, whether your webinar converted to customers…take all of what happened and decide whether to use it again.

The basic guideline is to:

    • Review all the stats you can – and make some general decisions about what to do next time and what NOT to do.
    • Decide what didn’t go well.. make a list of things did not work or were weak and what will NOT be going into your next launch.
    • Send email out to non-buyers why they didn’t buy and perhaps offer them an alternative resource or product… (be careful with follow up offers…since people can be at the “enough already” stage when it comes to receiving sales messages from you.)

3. Talk it out with someone

This one’s self-explanatory…get on the phone with another human being who knows something about your business, what you were hoping to achieve during your launch and can give you honest feedback.

A good way to structure the call:

    • Open by telling them what you hope they can help you do on the call
    • Share the main topics you’ll cover
    • Tell them what you need feedback on from an outside perspective
    • Share any of your conclusions from the previous step
    • Be open to criticism (and welcome it!)

4. Start Planning Your Next Launch

Draft out a plan for the next one – don’t lose momentum and go dark for 2 weeks licking your wounds…

What does that look like? Maybe you take a notebook and write out when you’ll launch, a brief list of things you can prepare NOW.

This could mean –

    • update the sales page with next round of the program dates
    • save the launch emails you sent into one document (and change dates)
    • update the program landing page to include
    • setting a date you’ll start prepping for the next round of the launch
    • or maybe just watching a webinar on launch planning

The important thing is to give yourself the next step for your next launch. Whatever that is for you – it could mean working immediately to prepare your “funnel” for the next launch OR simply setting a date to start working on it.

5. Rest and Relax

Sprinkle in a ton of self-care, reconnecting with friends and business besties to let them know you’re back in the world of the living!

(And yes…I DID just use a cat picture from the interwebs…)

Review, Rest, and Acknowledge…

Above everything you do during this recovery time after you launch, understand that whatever HAPPENED or didn’t happen during the launch, you got information to use for your next launch.

  • Something didn’t sell -> okay then, dig into why?
  • Notice that you got a ton of traffic from an unexpected source or partner or social media site? Look into it and find more ways to share during off-launch times.
  • Spent a lot of time on your affiliate program only to yield a few referral sales? Again – ask, be curious and decide if you’ll do it again next time.
  • Offered a new level to your program and it sold more than the normal offer? Ask your customers WHY!!

Launches are opportunities to learn so much about your business…I’ll be doing a full recap of my 2014 launches coming very soon…but I need to hear from you…

So – what have you discovered about your business as a result of launching?

Be as specific as possible and let me know how to reach you!