Have you ever wanted to create something new in your business? Entrepreneurs and business owners are idea machines most of the time, right? Use these 5 guidelines to make sure that new thing is the right thing!

We always are thinking what is our next new thing.

How can I create something new?

It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of creating and creating.

We like the excitement of newness.

I’ve never been that way – honestly.

While I’ve had tons of ideas for different products and things I’d like to create, I’m always aware of what it takes to create something great – something new…

There’s time, energy, and momentum all at play…and even though it’s exciting to develop a new idea…it’s important to remember what it takes to fully see it through.

I get easily distracted.

That’s why Fearless Launching has been my main jam for the past several years…and I was honestly worried that I wouldn’t be able to create something new with as much impact!

But lately, I’ve had the call to do the uncomfortable.

Have you ever felt that?

That’s why I decided I wanted to do a Beta for as a lead up to my new program.

Test the idea without a lot of blood sweat and tears or a lengthy product creation process.

Get much needed external accountability.

Bottom line: I made the decision to run the experiment.

If you want to learn more about the beta, how to apply, get the lowdown on the process, make sure to listen to the episode here.

So – back to this question of scratching the itch of creation – should we or shouldn’t we create something new?

I say – do whatever feels great for you – but set some guidelines for yourself.

Here’s A Simple 5-step “Test & Create Something New” Process

  1. Brainstorm your brains out…
  2. Create an outline or rough plan of what you’ll do to get it out to the world
  3. Can you get feedback of any kind before you really dive into the product creation?
  4. Give yourself some KPIs to let you know you’re on the right path – for me that’s I want to have 15-20 really cool people who are ready to commit and succeed. 
  5. Get feedback from other people as you’re going through the process.

Now – you might get to the brainstorming step realize your BIG IDEA was just a blog post! You might discover an idea you wanted to turn into an online course is actually better suited to a live event!

Remember that just because you create something new doesn’t mean you’ll experience something new. That’s why I err on the side deepening something I’ve already created!

Questions To Guide Your Product Idea Process

If there’s one thing that’s crucial as you weed through the ideas that hit you at all hours of the day is the ability to put yourself in what I call Detective-Scientist mode.

You’re asking questions, being curious, seeking answers, testing, and letting the answers lead you to a final conclusion.

Is the idea one off and ready for public consumption? Or does it need a little developing first?

Has someone said they wanted it or asked you a related question?

Are you creating something just to fill up your shop page?

Is the idea really part of your bigger vision?

Have you taken what you cover in another product and then gone deeper on the topic?

Is is it possible to pull your new idea into something that already exists?

Bottom Line About The New Ideas Itch

If you get the itch scratch it – but try to take it through a process like the one I shared above.

Giving yourself some boundaries, guidelines and restraints is a great test in itself.

Idea development has tons of nuances–things that tell you when you should or shouldn’t continue are pushing something to the next stage.

One More Thing

As I mentioned in this episode, I’ve just opened applications for my very first Beta program.

You can find out all about this beta, how to apply and when your application is due…by watching the video below and then visiting the main information page.

The application deadline is Tuesday, May 30th at 11:59pm PST!!!

The beta experience will be perfect to keep you motivated as you create your next big thing or help you refine what you’re already doing!

Check out all the details here.

Have you ever wanted to create something new in your business? Entrepreneurs and business owners are idea machines most of the time, right? Use these 5 guidelines to make sure that new thing is the right thing!