I was minding my own business late one night pinning over on Pinterest when I realized a number of the pins on my home page were all about how to get more traffic.

And I won’t lie – I got sucked into it the dream, the obsession, the need to find, attract, and get more traffic to my blog.

It’s not the first time I’ve been sidelined by this topic.

A few years ago I was trying to create 3 different pieces of content each week. 1 video, 1 blog post, 1 podcast…

Until I said wait – too much. This is not getting me more traffic, more leads, or more sales…

So I stopped and returned to an easier 1x a week publishing schedule and spent more of my time promoting the content I was creating instead of churning out stuff no one was going to see.

Over the past 2 years, the strategies I’ve used to share my content with more people have changed drastically…and while I’m still concerned with page views on my blog, there’s more to this story.

Now – today’s episode shares what I know about the myths of the “get more traffic” obsession and some small but powerful actions to get you more of the right eyes on what matters most.

We’ll dive into:

  • The main reasons you might want more traffic.
  • The right questions to ask and answer before you kick off any strategy to get more traffic
  • Which traffic matters the most to your business
  • Which traffic doesn’t mean squat to anyone except your ego

And we’ll also go over the following 6 strategies I used to generate more traffic to the right content…and why I look to them to help share what I’ve got with quality visitors like you who get the vision here in Fearless Launching land and want to go for a ride with it too!

Get more Traffic To Your Podcast & Blog

6 Ways To Get More Eyes On Your Content

#1 Repurposing & Republish your content – yes I mean literally republish it with updates – I’ve been doing this for many many many posts. Figure out what parts of the year you’ll repurpose and republish…Google loves it when we make our content better.

#2 Clean it up – Update titles, content, keywords, look for things you can improve in that old content you were so passionate about. Add a content upgrade to those posts. Just like the republish method above, you can simply update it and leave it where it is…This works for me, but I don’t have dates on my posts

#3 Multiple Promo Touchpoints – you’ve got to get this down to a science…my strategy changes but here are some things I know…have boosted podcast views, post views, and got me more subscribers (and I’ve seen others doing it too)… Things like:

  • Instagram stories
  • FB Lives
  • Multiple email broadcasts

#4 Drip out the content – all you have to do is here is drip the content out through various channels over a period of a few weeks and then put it in your normal rotation. Here’s my process:

Day 1 – Release the podcast first via iTunes

Next day – Release the podcast via newsletter

Social media messages begin

Next week – another email to people who didn’t open

Add episode/content to Meet Edgar

Do a weekly check of the most popular posts and share them again.

#5 Monthly wrap-ups – at the end of the month, find a way to remind people “what happened”, top posts published, did you miss this, wrap up what you learned during the month. You can do this via:

  • Email
  • Instagram
  • Take the best of the month and pull them together into a new post
  • Newsletter

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