If you’re building an online business, creating online courses and other digital products, you’ve likely heard the term Evergreen.

Going evergreen can mean a few different things–it’s either a process you use to promote a product or it could be the product/content itself…

  • making something available all the time
  • creating a launch sequence that runs on its own and then “sells” a specific product
  • doesn’t require you to get things ready or ramp up to the launch
  • all the launch pieces are set up to deliver on their own
  • it can be automated or activated easily.

Today – we’re going to talk about something I feel like I’m seeing more and more from clients, friends, and fellow entrepreneurs…and that is simply the rush to go evergreen.

Is there a best time to turn products evergreen? Should do it from the start? How do you know if a previously “live” program or product can be made evergreen?

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 8 questions you should ask before you make the final decision to go evergreen
  • Why I suggest getting your “live” launch working first
  • What kind of ongoing plan do you need to make sure your product is a success
  • The truth about results and how long it might take to see if it’s “working”
  • the biggest mistake entrepreneurs are making pre-evergreen

Plus, I also share some of my own experience and struggle deciding if I should take my signature program completely evergreen or not…and what I’m doing first to test that out!

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2) Free Systems Cheatsheet: A Free Checklist & Cheatsheet to make sure your systems are in order before you launch — plus the one I mentioned on the podcast today!

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