Something happened on the internet a few weeks ago and you may have seen it.

Periscope opened up a rabbit hole and all of us entrepreneurs fell into it!

Now, I know that technically Periscope has been around for a few months now, but things reached a fever pitch this week (maybe it was just for me)–watching Pat Flynn, Chalene Johnson, Chris Ducker, and some of my business buddies like Alexis Giostra…and many many others!

If your answer is anything but – I’m obsessed and have been on #scopes all week… then I’ll wait while you download the app onto your phone and set it up.

Now, normally I’m wary of new burst on the scenes apps and tools. I take my time diving in.

But not this time.

Why Periscope Is So Exciting

Think of periscope as an insta-webinar, an insta-google hangout, but you don’t need to put up a landing page. You don’t need to send several emails to your list. You just start broadcasting…and you’re on…in front of your audience…now yes, they might not all show up right away…but show up consistently, give valuable content, tell people when you’re going to be there…and you will be on your way to building a community of raving fans…

What – wait … all those years, blog posting every week, sending out my weekly communication, tweeting and Facebooking…and now this?

Here’s what to know and what to do…

But don’t despair…here are 5 obvious (I hope!) reasons this whole Periscope is amazing for your biz and why you should be using it right away.

  1. Remind people about your content – get more eyes on what you’re creating by sharing related topics, telling people what you’ve just published…it gives you an extra channel to talk about what you’re doing…don’t even get me started on the possibilities for your next launch! (more to come on that)
  2. Build relationship with the people who love you the most – invite them to do a live call with you, they get to interact and again this will impact your launch because people click buy when they trust you, they like you, and want to hang out with you. Remember, again, the more people get to know you, the more they will feel like they are already working with you…the more you’ll get to understand them, and the easier it will be for you to create offerings AND launch stuff they want!
  3. Skip email and STILL Give a specific call to action…This is ginormous and such a simple reason to Periscope. I get that you don’t want to spread yourself too thin with how you communicate, but while you get to reach new people on scopes, you also get to remind people who do follow you already what’s happening in your world–like closing dates, how to optin, any changes in pricing or when a launch is coming! Think about how your launch communication changes if you can get rid of a few emails and connect with your most engaged audience members via Periscope?
  4. Easy content creation – go in with 3 or 4 points you want to share on a specific topic, set up a Q & A on a specific topic… If you have been overwhelmed with the idea of putting together a webinar or a free call or creating a keynote presentation to sell your product, host a series of very intentional scopes. You might actually get better response.
  5. Instant survey results – I watched a few scopes with Pat Flynn where he simply asked questions to the people on the periscope… Can you see instant feedback? If you’ve struggled sending out your pre-launch survey…try this instead!

Now that you understand a few really easy to grasp reasons why Periscope can improve your business just by how you connect so directly with people…

What To Do Once You’ve Got People On Your Scope

  • Make A Pretty Link: If you’re going to share anything–a free download, invite to an event, optin to your mailing list…make the link a pretty link (or shortened link) that you can track. You should be doing this already for anywhere you’re posting content and want to know how well it’s working. I’ll be doing a video on this soon, but the easiest way to do it is to get that wordpress plugin and create a link like: (or name it whatever you want). The destination of the link will be your actual landing page, optin page, or free gift page. You’ll see how many clicks you got on the link from your scope!
  • Engage and Acknowledge – This should be self explanatory, but a simple hey [insert name] if you can see it, goes a long way. People love to be acknowledged–even me!
  • Hearts – Ask for them and love on people who are giving them too!
  • Share with your followers – Again, ask for the share. Don’t be afraid to ask for people to share this with their followers and thank them when you see the share come through!
  • Tell people when you’ll be on next – I hope you’ll join me again. I’ll be scoping once a day and do this…tell your friends…and I’ll remind you too! But if you think of something you’d like me to cover,
  • Get To The Content – once you’ve said hello, get right into the “here’s what I’m going to talk about today”…even if it’s a Q & A…it gets people settled and ready to do something.
  • Call-Outs -> Call out some people on Periscope who you love… and feel free to do that any time during the scope where it comes to mind. Notice people who’ve been hanging out in your audience.

Above all – aim to share something useful whether it’s a behind-the-scenes insight, a tool, a review of something, news, a 1, 2, 3 ways to … [fill in the blank with your topic].