Do you have good work habits?

Be honest – is your blogging just kinda “happening” when it happens?

Maybe your weekly podcast gets recorded the week it goes live…most of the time.

I’ve learned and relearned (and probably will learn again) the hard way, how important it is to have workflow. A way that you work that you repeat over and over again.

A system.

And now, going into a new year, I’m almost hyper aware of it.

The one that helps me improve and grow my business is establishing better work habits.

There’s only so many weeks I can wait until the last second to record a podcast, publish it, write the notes and get it up there in less than 24 hours.

I’ve got a 6 year old and a slightly short attention span.

And at the same time – I’ve got big goals. One of those was to make sure that I could commit to having a weekly podcast. Not every other week or every third week.

So, that’s what I dive into today in this shorter episode about how I got my podcast process back on track.

Oh – just to give you a major spoiler alert about what happened to my blog when I skipped writing fully fleshed out non-podcasts blog posts?


The world kept spinning. People kept reading. Life went on!

In this episode I also talk about:

  • The real reason I ended up skipping blogging for 2 months
  • Results of some of my blogging and podcast tests throughout 2014
  • How I plan to get all my publishing content
  • The simple question you can ask yourself about all that content you’re publishing
  • How I’m making the process even easier for myself
  • What happens when you finally have focus + establish a habit
  • Why I’m always evaluating what’s working and what’s not

Okay – let’s do this!

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