Who is running your business? 

Are you sure that it’s YOU?

Something I discovered this year is how many of my big business and life decisions are directly influenced by a few not so great forces.

The biggie is guilt.

Yup – Guilt has been my CFO on many occasion….

And that’s what I’m talking about on today’s episode of the Fearless Launching Show.

He’s allowed me to stay in jobs too long, in relationships too long, in friendships too long…and spending my energy on the wrong projects in my own business too…

And let’s get real – guilt is not a separate entity. It’s me.

I’ve been the one to allow the guilt to drive some of my biggest business delays and changes.

If you’ve ever felt a little off after making a decision to work with someone or offer something, then there is something that’s driving the boat…and it might just be guilt.

Let’s dive in. It’s a short one…

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