Why is watching people grow my biggest bonus from running my own business?

For me …watching people grow means I’m doing my job.

…And benefiting in some way from what I’m trying to teach or inspire.

You getting to witness this change, a spark, inspired action, and someone finally doing something they’ve been putting off.

So, I’m breaking with my usual interview or masterclass style to give you this heartfelt love note to some of the people that remind me every single day why I do what I do.

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Mentioned In This Episode

Here are the people I mentioned on the show – this is just a taste of the people I feel honored to get to know.

Liz Lockard
Alicia Cowan
Catherine Just
Joyce Washington
Kristoffer Carter
Hilary Rushford
Rachel Feldman
Elizabeth Macleod
Sharon Haver
Camila Prada
Desiree East
Kristin Misik

…list to be continued!

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