Starting a business isn’t what I’d call “easy”.

Sure it’s easy to come up with that idea you are SURE will make you a million dollars.

It’s even pretty simple to come up with a domain name, buy it, start a blog…and create your business Facebook page.

Thanks to tools like LeadPages you can even make landing pages without paying a designer (at least when you’re first starting out)!

But the harder stuff – I think…happens inside our heads. Between our ears.

In fact, I don’t hear people talk often enough about the internal challenges we face as online entrepreneurs.

If you run a business, just starting your own business, or want to…then what I’m going to share with you is important and will help you prepare your inner game for your life as an entrepreneur.

And really, I’m not being completely fair by saying online when really every entrepreneur and business owner…heck every human faces this.

I’m taking you behind the scenes and sharing some of the most common challenges you will face…

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If you’ve ever had problems with:

  • Being consistent (always late on blog posts and your podcasts?)
  • Staying focused (not sticking to the plan or getting easily derailed from the plan??)
  • Dealing with self-criticism (what makes YOU so special?)
  • Getting stuck in the comparison (I’m not as good as HER!)
  • Making the right decisions (…and thinking you need to ask as many people as possible)
  • Knowing what to do first (and the fear that you have no idea what to do NEXT)

Then you’ll love this episode where I spill some things about how I get out of the swirl and head-games most of us play with ourselves at some point in the entrepreneurial journey.

Here's the thing – once you know these are normal, natural parts of the business building process, you won't feel so alone. Everyone goes through them.

Pick your battles. Move on from the ones that shouldn't zap your energy or time.

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