A few years ago I held a special scholarship contests…after much deliberation and many different applicants…in walked one Vanessa Chase, owner and creator at The Storytelling Non-Profit.

Well spoken, super smart, and a growing business based on her professional background…plus the timing was right for her to launch something big.

She was ready to turn her one on one non-profit consulting work into an online course, reach more people…

Because I’m always interested in finding out how different industries work, finding the ways that different groups of people do business, I decided to lurk a bit on her site.

Of course that timed with an awesome email from Vanessa about exceeding her launch goals (actually her results were triple what she expected) and I knew I had to do and know more about her non-profit storytelling business…

We talk about how she made the leap from fundraiser to teaching fundraisers the art of storytelling especially for non-profits, how it’s impacted her business, and the one thing made the difference to her first launch.

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