How To Prepare Yourself For The Dark Side of Launching

I’m not the first to say that pulling off a product launch for your business can be an emotional roller coaster.

There is a lot at stake when launching a new business venture or a new product…

There’s risk of so many things not working…and a lot on the line including time, money, and disappointment.

Today’s episode is a heartfelt chat about how to prepare for the darker side of launching.

Understanding some of the more daunting things that can happen during a launch and knowing how to deal with them should make the challenge a little easier.

I talk about four of these challenges that can happen during a launch and how to approach each of these things. During a launch, you can experience a roller coaster of emotions, stress, and any number of issues that could affect your health, bank account, confidence, and motivation. I also share strategies that can help with these issues and coping with the demands of life and launching.

Show Highlights:

[04:11] How a launch can really push your limits when it comes to stress and physical and mental health.

[05:03] Preventing possible health issues by preparing in advance and getting rituals and systems in place for getting things done.

[08:01] How monetary loss can be a reality during a launch and being prepared and okay with that.

[09:10] Realizing that everything you have spent money on may not generate more money and detaching and managing expectations.

[12:21] Getting discouraged and wanting to quit after finishing a launch.

[16:24] How everything that you have learned is a teachable skill and it’s up to others to use it or not.

[17:15] Problems that come up when life happens from changes in relationships, jobs, or any number of things.

[20:00] When life happens, it takes priority and other priorities may need to be juggled.

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I’d Love To Hear From You

What kind of dark spots have you faced during a launch + what you learned from it? I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below!


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