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Last week we talked about how to be an amazing teacher.

This week, we’re diving into 2 different teaching-slash-online-course models for taking all the things, the knowledge, and packaging them up to share with you audience.

Signature courses and membership sites.

Signature courses generally get created once and then launched + marketed on a regular schedule but don’t require an ongoing delivery of new material.

Membership sites are more of a library of content delivered to people on a regular basis with marketing + launching also something done on a regular basis.

How are they different? How are they the same?

Which is right for your business and more importantly your audience?

Today’s guest has 7 years of business experience under her belt. She knows a thing or two about teaching online…and I thought she’d be a fabulous part two to last week’s conversation with James Wedmore about “how to teach”.

Debbie Hodge is the owner and creator of the membership site Get it Scrapped which is a scrapbooking education website where she teaches layout, design, and storytelling.  

She’s also the author of the book Get It Scrapped!: Organize, Visualize, Create, and she has a premium priced online course called Teach What You Do where she teaches how to build online courses and the underlying online course business. Debbie shares her insights on starting membership sites and selling courses and the resulting workloads.

Connect With Debbie:

Get it Scrapped

Get It Scrapped!: Organize, Visualize, Create

Get it Scrapped on Pinterest

Teach What You Do

Jump Start Your eCourse

eCourse Blueprint

Show Highlights:

[03:29] Debbie talks about how 2/3 of her students teach creative topics.

[05:14] …when you start teaching by adding chunks and series and building content up.

[06:10] Drawbacks of membership sites include the need to create constant content

[07:27] What Debbie’s membership site offers every month.

[09:02] Debbie’s content schedule and revamping for her Teach What You Do.

[11:29] Using older content to creating learning tracks.

[12:07] Membership sites require processes and support from other people.

[14:17] The struggle is real: getting people engaged with and using training in membership sites becomes your ongoing quest.

[16:27] Are their drawbacks of the 12-pay payment plan when people try to treat it like a membership?

[17:46] Debbie shares the price points for her online course.

[21:54] How Debbie uses ongoing promotion of membership models and 5-day events or classes with guests and webinars and bonuses.

[23:12] Membership site truth talk: Sending a discount offer with an older class as a bonus. Memberships aren’t about huge numbers, but the numbers do need to be kept up.

[23:59] Debbie’s FB launch strategy: video and runs facebook ads to it and then uses retargeting for people who watched the video.

[25:22] We talk about why meeting people outside of your niche through social media.

[26:27] Facebook chat: why Debbie sends videos out to lookalike audiences and chatbots.

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Get it Scrapped

Get It Scrapped!: Organize, Visualize, Create

Get it Scrapped on Pinterest

Teach What You Do

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secrets to teaching