Ever wondered what to say (or not to say) during a launch?

You’re not alone.

That’s why I’m kicking off a series of episodes all about the topic…

Part one is all about the underrated communication triggers we MUST use every single time we share something new with the world. It’s easy to take these for granted, but I know from personal experience and the results of my clients that they are a must.

We all know how important communication is for our business and especially during our launches.

Learning how to communicate more effectively is an ongoing process. We’re always looking for ways to say things more clearly, to the right people and through the right mediums.

While there are always new tools, new strategies to try, new ways of getting our messages out to the world, what doesn’t change are the principles of communication.

If you need a refresher, keep reading.

This week – listen to the episode as I dive into 4 triggers that I know I personally go back to all the time, ask myself if I’m using them well or at all…PLUS I’ll share how I’m experimenting with some new tools that are getting a lot of attention lately.

Highlights From This Episode

[04:51] Add a personal touch. The more often that we are the ones responding to people personally, the more they feel that we are speaking to them individually.

[07:07] Using a chatbot like ManyChat to respond to people right away especially on Facebook Messenger.

[10:48] People need a deadline in order to make a decision. Deadline funnel is a great tool for deadlines after sign ups.

[12:16] Deadlines, scarcity, and letting people know about deadlines helps people to make decisions.

[13:54] Consistency. The consistency of us showing up for our launch. It builds trust and reminds people that we are here for them.

[16:12] People count on publish dates it keeps them motivated and inspired.

[21:49] Tell your audience what to do.

[22:18] Use a personal touch and speak to your audience and be direct about what they need to do and when they need to do it. This shows you are willing to push them and teach them.

Now It’s Your Turn

How are you using these communication triggers? Even if you haven’t launched yet, go through each one we covered today and ask:

  1. How am I using each in my regular communication?
  2. Can I be doing less or more in each area?
  3. Are there any new tools I can experiment with?

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Learning how to communicate more effectively is ongoing process. We're always looking for ways to say things more clearly, to the right people and through the right mediums.