If you’ve been around or read this post or this post, you know how I feel about tools.

Tools are never the fail-safe or the sole reason your business, a launch, your life is going to succeed.

Having a clear strategy behind the tool, why you’re using it and the way it integrates with your other tools … that’s what’s important.

But today – I decided to dive into some of the tools that I use to stay in touch with YOU more easily, with less stress. Some are new to my tech stack and some I’ve been using for awhile.

Warning: If you are currently launching or just about to launch, don’t start playing with this now. Wait until you’ve got enough space before or after your launch to “play” or get sidetracked by shiny objects.

If you’re ready, dive in now.

Consistency and personal touch are two of the most powerful triggers when you’re trying to build trust with your audience.

That’s why I talked about them on last week’s episode. So the tools I’m covering today go hand in hand with these triggers.

We talk abut ways to:

  1. Automate responses so people aren’t left waiting and waiting for even a first reply.
  2. Schedule regular organic responses on the calendar so you do have a real human touch.
  3. Tools that lend themselves well to doing as much work in advance. 

Highlights From The Show

[05:59] Communicating about the content I am publishing and sharing.

[06:33] Creating more engagement on Facebook business pages using ManyChat and Facebook Live.

[07:56] Creating an entire communication path through Facebook.

[08:22] Focusing on lead generation through Facebook Live.

[09:07] Planning posts out in advance on Instagram with Planoly.

[10:19] The Planoly grid looks exactly like the Instagram grid along with features like discover.

[10:45] Using tailwind for scheduling Pinterest and Instagram marketing.

[11:30] Continual for posting videos to Instagram.

[12:17] The importance of email for communicating with people.

[12:50] Receiving less email, but still staying connected with multiple touch points.

[14:15] Using messaging capabilities through programs other than your email provider.

[16:43] Voice memos are another great format for connecting with people.

[17:35] Embedded Google forms on a contact page are a great way to get information.

[18:17] Trello for managing projects and communication.

[20:03] Try one new tool at a time and give yourself time to learn to use it.


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Voice Memos

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