We’re all guilty of it.

In the attempt to make our businesses run smoother, more efficiently, and help us get more done, we attempt to upgrade and uplevel anything we can get our hands on.

Combine that with the dreaded shiny object syndrome and you’ve got a serious recipe for procrastination, overwhelm, and that feeling that nothing will work until you figure out the “solution.”

This week, I’m deciding whether I should switch to Convert Kit & Teachable. Now, generally you’ll probably see a lot of people after they’ve made the switch, but you might want to feel what’s like going through the process of the switch.

Listen in and you might be able to help!

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So, in this week’s part two of my behind the scenes mini-series on making changes in our business, I’m talking through some of the specifics that are making it hard for me to make a decision. If you missed part one – head over here: What Happens When You Decide To Change Systems In Your Business now.

Convert Kit vs. Infusionsoft. Teachable vs. Wishlist Member vs. Whatevs.

New Systems Galore vs. Leave It The Heck Alone!

Here’s what I cover as I process this decision with you:

  • Features I love about ConvertKit
  • What I’d miss about Infusionsoft
  • My only blocking point with Teachable (and it might not be what you think)
  • Can I live without certain functions + features?
  • 2 tests I’m running right now before I make the final switch
  • How you can help me make my final decision

And…I’ve given myself a deadline of this week to make the final final FINAL will never talk about this decision again…so hope you can help me out by listening and then leaving a comment below!

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More Resources!

1) Free Launch Planner: Grab this completely free launch planning workbook. Download, print, and start planning your launch today — don’t forget to add in the test and secure your website tasks!

2) Free Systems Cheatsheet: A Free Checklist & Cheatsheet to make sure your systems are in order before you launch — plus the one I mentioned on the podcast today!

3) Want to work with me one on one? If you’re a business owner who knows that you need a coach, someone to work through your launch strategy, figure out your launch plan, get spot advice as it comes up…then we could be a perfect match!

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