Today’s topic is all about the unintentional things we’re doing regularly to sidetrack our launches.

Whether it’s launching or not, you do not want to mess with these success killers!

Would you believe there are tiny things we’re doing, not doing, saying and not saying that impedes our progress?

Eroding our ability to succeed from the inside out.

We are going to talk about three ways we are killing our launch progress before it even starts and a few key shifts that could change everything.

If you’re ready to learn what to stop doing today, listen to part 1 of this unofficial launch workshop to celebrate Fearless Launching!

Highlights From The Show

[12:45] Three ways we unintentionally kill our progress are self-talk, bumpers, and starting earlier.

[13:07] Self-talk. Do you ever find yourself saying that this isn’t really a real launch? How you talk about your launch will have an impact on your launch.

[13:49] Turn it around and talk positively about your launch and share your excitement. Put passion behind it, because if you say it isn’t a real launch, it won’t be.

[15:32] Creating bumpers. Bumpers are things that give you stability. You can’t ramp up your launch in one day. You have to adjust and go into launch training mode.

[16:41] Find the regular ritual activities that will impact your launch. You have to understand where you need to show up to talk to your audience.

[17:00] Having a virtual assistant or a podcast editor is a bumper because they are waiting for you to give them stuff. Slowly but surely, think what your stamina is and what you can actually do. Give yourself exercises to build your stamina.

[17:57] Building your launch stamina also helps build your audience stamina.

[18:17] Rushing. When you rush around it seems like something is wrong. By starting earlier we improve our decision making ability.

[19:58] Being stressed out your decision making is not so great. Make creative decisions way before the launch.

[20:27] You have to have an outline or a sketch of what you are doing. You can create during this time, but straight up decision making can be tough.

[21:19] If you have an idea for a launch, write it all out as much as you can. Get it all out while your brain is on charge.

[21:48] How do I create this plan if I don’t know what the process is. We will talk about that in the last episode.

[22:26] Learn more at

[22:55] Are you guilty of calling what you do not real? What bumpers have you created for yourself to be launch ready? Are you prepared to stop rushing?

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How To Stop Killing Your Launches Before They Start