10 First Steps To Plan A Rock Solid & Successful Launch
Are you ready to have a successful launch?

No matter what your idea of success is?

This week, I'm going to take you behind the scenes a bit. You see, I'm recording a special walkthrough of my Launch Workbook and Planner.

The workbook has been around for awhile. I update it every year and is the main way I like to serve people whether they work with me or not.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with it because – PDFs and downloads and cheatsheets are so easy to find, but NOT SO EASY TO COMPLETE.

But this week, I wanted to create something to make sure you didn't forget about another download…so I did TWO THINGS.

One – create a video walking through the workbook, to give an extra nudge to anyone who's already trying to fill out the pdf.

Two – publish the weekly podcast and provide the same walkthrough right here for you!

Two Birds One Stone.

Download your Launch Workbook/Planner right here: http://bit.ly/launch-planner, print it out and work through it right along with me.

Okay, are you ready?

All launches start at the same place – and these 10 steps will help you get the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing you need done and done before you launch a new product, a new service or business…


If you've ever felt a little confused as to where to start, how to get organized and how to pull all the pieces together, join me today in taking this 1 step toward your launch.

If you're launching in 6 weeks or more from now – THIS IS workbook and walkthrough is perfect for you! Even if you're launching in a few weeks, you may gain clarity and understanding and FINISH the work you've been putting off.

This episode is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to preparing for an online product launch. Filling out the workbook is a great first step, but if you can use some some additional guidance to make sure you reach the coveted LAUNCH DAY, join my signature program – Fearless Launching.

Fearless Launching is open for early enrollment (as of the date of this recording). Check it out at: fearlesslaunching.com

See you inside!

10 First Steps To Plan A Rock Solid & Successful Launch