Why Experience Matters Just As Much As The Outcomes You Promise Customers

Do you think that experience matters more or less than the other outcomes you’re promising people if they choose to do business with you?

Today’s episode dives into this as we ask the question – how can our business provide an experience AND a great outcome.

If you haven’t thought about this – think about it now.

What do you want people to feel, experience, or gain just from being in your world?

Before you protest and call this not-important or not-what-you-need…

We all want that secret to getting more followers… to getting more sales, growing our communities.

I am too!

But today – I encourage you to shift focus to the people who are reading your emails, your blog posts, watching your videos, liking your Instagram images, signing up for an email.

What can you do, say or give them today so they walk away from that interaction truly changed?

60 Minutes ran an interview with restauranteur Danny Meyer this week. He talked about his goal to give people a total experience when they enter any of his dining establishments — whether it’s a shake shack for a burger or a fine dining restaurant in NYC…

He made a great point – and I’m paraphrasing…

Everyone walks through life with a sign around their neck saying — make me feel important.
It’s our job to read that sign and deliver the experience they need to feel exactly that.

I thought that was brilliant and truly touching way to approach growing his business.

He went on to say something we all need to remember…no matter what business we’re running, growing or will start in the future.

Some people need different things to “feel important” to feel heard.

  • Some people feel important when they are left alone or hounded every 5 seconds.
  • Some people feel important when they get to share their stories.
  • Some people feel important when you remember something about their story – who they are or were and how they got over it.
  • Some people feel important when you call out how you remember them – your own story.
  • Some people feel important when they connect with others.
  • Some people feel important when you send them things in the mail.
  • Some people feel important when you use them as a case study or dote on them or gush about how awesome they are.
  • Some people just need to be called out by name.
  • Some people simply feel important when they get a PEEK into your world.

So I ask you today on this very very short episode of the podcast…

Instead of asking how to connect, reach your audience. How do I grow my list, get more sales…

Join me in answering these questions now:

  • How can I make more people feel important each and every time they connect with you?
  • What ELSE are people getting from interacting from you — it’s not about the surface stuff they come to you for?
  • What specific ways can you start creating an experience that includes – what you’re selling (of course) and then how they feel as a result.

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Why Experience Matters Just As Much As The Outcomes You Promise Customers