simplify your business with heidi thompson

Do you sell online products and courses?

If so, how many do you have for sale?

And how well are each of the products selling?

If you have multiple online products, courses, or services you offer and are starting to feel scattered, today’s episode is for you.

Because what our guest this week did has simplified her offerings, given her a clear ongoing marketing focus, and has allowed her to really connect and help her customers.

Now her business fits her life and has given her room to daydream about other projects if she wants to add them in.

Sound good? Do you want the same?

Heidi Thompson, CEO and lady in charge at the Wedding Business Collective, created a membership site that pulled all of her various offerings together under one roof. She serves wedding professionals of all types — from wedding planners and photographers to wedding venues and even caterers.

Listen in as Heidi shares why she shifted to the membership model and gives ME some much needed insight into what she delivers on a regular basis, how she prices her membership, why she loves it so much….

In this episode we cover:

  • How and why Heidi went from a course model business to a membership site including how she launched it
  • Growing your business without going crazy doing ALL THE THINGS!
  • Balancing giving more value without overwhelming people
  • Trial periods and why they work for her
  • Strategies she’s using to reach new people

…and why asking yourself “does this give me freedom?” is important in growing your business!

Connect with Heidi

Evolve Your Wedding Business (Heidi’s home online)
Evolve Your Wedding Business Facebook Group
Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast

Mentioned on the Show

The Wedding Business Collective (10 day free trial)
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Now it’s your turn – I want to hear from you.

Are you part of any memberships to support your business? Have you thought of creating one to support your customers?

Leave your answers below and if you had an other a-has, pop those in the comments too!

simplify your business with heidi thompson