how to be magnetic & enchanting
Let me ask you something…

How would you like to be more magnetic and attractive?

Not just in your daily personal life, but in your business. How would you like to put out products, webinars, do Facebook Lives…that attract more of the right people – people are so aligned with who you are and what you do that they can’t help but want to be around you.

If you’re not sure…ask yourself if you’ve ever felt oddly drawn to someone online – in your industry…a teacher, a business owner, a celebrity. There was something about them that drew you in…right?

We can all use more magnetism when we’re launching. Not so we can unnaturally pull people toward us but to make sure the people who do mesh with our message – find us, buy from us, and join our world!

But where do we get started?

Today’s guest is Sally Hope – creator of the Wild Heart Revolution and Life Coach, Yoga instructor, community building expert…and creator of the 40 day Meditation Challenge.

Here’s what we talk about:

  1. Who Sally Hope is and what she’s so passionate about
  2. Our rocker-forleo connection
  3. How Sally developed her 40 Day Meditation Challenge
  4. Her approach to meditation which is more practical and based in the real world
  5. What does it mean to be magnetic (especially as it relates to your business)?
  6. Why overwhelm happens – the practical and the energetic reasons/solution
  7. Simple breathing exercise to focus your energy when you’re faced with overwhelm
  8. Can you and should you “take a break” from being magnetic?

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Connect With Sally

Sally’s website
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Now It’s Your Turn

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