multi-passionate entrepreneur

How many different income streams, creative pursuits, or straight up businesses are you juggling right now?

I guess it’s the nature of what I do and the places I go – but seems like so many people I’m meeting have not just one passion based business, but multiple things they are building.

Does it mean they’re distracted? Not focused enough to build one thing? Or has this “thing” evolved over the years?

Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur?

Today’s episode is for you…

My guest today started her entrepreneurial journey as a blogger. She rocked her blogged for years and years and years until things started to change.

She then launched a business podcast for other creative blogging women…

But then – by “accident” discovered a totally separate passion that she decided to pursue and is quickly become her reason – her why…

Now, I’ve known Taylor Bradford for years, but I never knew about the twists and turns in her life or her business. She joined Fearless Launching right before she launched her podcast, Boss Girl Creative.

Things have changed dramatically in the past 3 years, Taylor brings me up to speed…

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

How To Connect with Taylor

Now It’s Your Turn

Leave a comment below if you’ve ever felt scattered or shame for having multiple projects, businesses or ideas in development… And if you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur making it work, I want to hear your story too!

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Have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon!

multi-passionate entrepreneur