How do you grow your business?team-culture-grow-your-business

We hear about strategies to market your business better, building funnels that convert people into customers…

We know that we have to build our list, build the relationship with the people who sign up for our various free resources.

But what about team culture? Is it possible that the culture we create just by who we hire and how we work…can that lead to business growth too?

Ask companies like Zappos, AirBNB, and WeWork…and they’d likely answer a resounding yes.

Our guest on the podcast today is Josh Anderson who’s got experience with big development and sales teams at Microsoft and smaller, scrappier startups in the Seattle area.

Josh believes that culture could be the hidden metric companies are only starting to pay attention to…and how you can start implementing practices now even if you haven’t hired one person yet.

Intrigued? I know I was…

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Here’s what we talked about in this episode:

  • Why Josh’s “I’ll show you” attitude has shaped his entrepreneurial journey
  • How Team Culture can improve/strengthen your business
  • Components of culture – environment, personality, review process, decision making
  • Why the value mindset can shift everything in our business
  • When to start caring about the culture of your business
  • 3 Things to do to develop/plant the seed of team culture
  • The “why” “how” and “what” of your business is culture.


[Tweet “Team culture is not just about hiring. it’s about attracting like-minded people who understand your purpose and would want to work for free.”]

[Tweet “Business is not about making money. Business is about delivering value in the marketplace.”]

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House of Genius (Seattle area)

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