preparing-your-team-to-launchQuestion: Did you do a good job preparing your team for your last launch?

If you’ve ever wrapped up a tough or stressful launch only to wonder – how come my team didn't really know what to do, keep on reading.

Because – you aren’t alone on this topic.

Last week, I announced an all new one-time only workshop I'll be teaching this Friday, September 18th, to help your team be more prepared for your next launch.

As many of you know, I’m a tad passionate about two things that will help you grow your business—launching and teams.

And today, I want to talk about the reason why teams are so important to me.

Even if you don’t think you’re really ready to talk about teams, I think you’ll still get value out of the story I want to share today.

If you’re with me, let’s do this…and stick around until the end because I’ve got a brand new class I want to share with you (it’s something I’ve never done!)

If you go deep into the Anne archives, you’ll find me in a variety of team situations…everything from being a support member of the team all the way to the person who has pulled teams together and done all the searching/hiring for superstars.

The one story I’ve taken with me through all of these experiences — from the offline world where I worked in person with people to now when I’m hiring my own team is actually from one of my very first jobs out of college.

I jumped straight from film school to working as admin assistant in a film production company.

About 3 months into the job, I’d already proven myself as a reliable person, hard working…all that good stuff.

An opportunity came up in the office where I would be one of the producer’s assistants while he was in Vancouver shooting a series we were working on with his main assistant.

This was my first virtual job – because I knew that I’d only be talking to him by phone or email. And man, was I excited!

Well…my really fast promotion to this coveted position…didn’t go so well.

About a month into the job, the producer called me and told me he just hadn’t seen me jump in the way he wanted me to…honestly, I can hardly remember the call. I just know that I was crushed…and honestly a little hysterical.

Had I failed? What did I do wrong?

At the time I felt angry, sad, crushed…all those emotions…and then I completely blamed my boss, but now later I can see a little more clearly why things didn’t work out. You’ll notice while there’s a little blaming in my “reasons” below, you’ll also see that I share my own downfalls in what happened.

  • I had walked into a new job with zero training.
  • I never really asked the right questions about my role.
  • No one checked in on me during those first weeks sitting at the desk by myself.
  • While I did my best to piece things together, I never really felt like I was doing my job right.
  • I never asked. They never told me.
  • And then to make it worse, I didn’t get fired…which made me feel a little unsure if I had done a good or bad job.

I just got told I could go back to my front desk position…and because I lacked any clarity on what this meant, I chose to leave right then and there.

And now – even as recently as this week – I can’t help but think about that job.

First, as I mentioned above, I wasn’t prepared to do a good job. I didn’t ask or receive the right training to do a great job.

So this week I started working with a woman and now I’m reminding myself to set her up for success.

To make sure I invest in her–give her all the help she needs to do a good job, prompt her to ask me questions, and build in a list of clear expectations and guidelines so she understands what doing a “good” job means!

But I’m curious – do you work with people like a virtual assistant or have a full team?

Have they ever experienced a launch with you? If not, can you say with complete confidence that they will be able to support the entire process and HELP you more than Hold you or the launch back?

If you’re not sure…

I think you owe it to them and yourself to make sure they are prepared for whatever projects are coming up.

[Tweet “You owe it to the people you hire to make sure they have all the resources they need to succeed. When they succeed, you succeed. “]

If it’s a launch – does your VA understand how available you might need him/her to be?

Are you certain that someone isn’t already unhappy and planning to leave (like right in the middle of your launch)?

Have the people you’re asking for help (paid or unpaid) ever been through a launch? Do they understand and have experience using all the tech tools you plan on using?

Are they proactive? Do they honestly care if your launch is a success? Are they clock watchers?

Will they overwork themselves and leave after the launch? Are they committed now but might disappear mid-launch with no explanation?

These are not made up scenarios.

I’ve worked with tons of entrepreneurs and small business owners who’ve felt this sting of launch teams gone wrong.

And I feel for people on both sides of the equation.

That’s why I created a special one-time only workshop you can send your team (and yourself) to start the conversation and provide the inside scoop on what it takes to have/be/be part of an amazing launch team.

I’ve never done this type of training before, but I’m excited to share everything I know about building amazing teams and I hope you’ll use this class as your first step to being a boss who invests in the people who work for them (beyond just paying the bill every 2 weeks).

So, in this special workshop I’ll be covering these topics to help you train your launch team:

  • When to hire for your launch team if you don’t have people working with you right now
  • What’s the MVT (minimum viable team) you should have in place
  • Different types of teams to consider supporting your next launch – my recommendations for you depending on where your business is right now
  • A breakdown of the main expectations everyone needs to get on board with before work starts
  • Problem solving – I’ll share real situations and real solutions for the most common launch f-ups
  • A director’s cut of the launch process for you and your team (who should be doing what, what should be happening, what should not be happening)
  • Tools to keep your team on track
  • How to work with partners and their teams
  • Plenty of time for your Questions & Answers
  • And so much more!

You’ll also receive some pdf printable resource guides, slide deck and workbook to help you get the most out of our time together.

Now, I know investing in your team may seem like a leap. But if you’ve ever wondered “what went wrong” on a launch, why you are constantly searching for that golden VA, and how to keep people excited to work with you for the long term, then you should really consider jumping into this class (at least for yourself).

This is a perfect first gift and training for your team, your VA, yourself…and a resource you’ll keep going back to during future launches.

And best part – it’s an affordable investment. Sign up for the workshop today. (if you're in Fearless Launching, email me!)

I highly recommend jumping into this class if you want to start building a business with people who care, who do amazing work, and who you can count on.

I am so excited about this training and if you ask anyone I’ve EVER worked with, you know how passionate I am about helping you build an amazing team.

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Now I Want To Hear From You

Do you have any help running your business? If so, who works with you and what are your biggest challenges?

If you don’t have someone helping you yet, no worries…start behaving like a team early will help you onboard new people when you are ready to hire someone!

And whether you are a #girlboss, #ceo, or someone who provides services to business owners, I’d love to hear from you about your own team experiences and see you in my teams class.

Head over here to reserve your seat!